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With our business structure in place, our mission became simple: Ensure our clients get quality health information and the patient-centered healthcare they deserve.
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Relief from cancer

The team at Bedside Manners provides help for cancer patients. We work to relieve the overwhelmed feeling people have after a cancer diagnosis by showing them how to take control of their treatment process. We help our clients get critical information from their doctor that’s important for their survival, understand cancer treatments, and holistically change their health in 12 weeks or less. Our #1 goal is to help you significantly improve your survival outcomes.

Do you need us?

• If you are confused by the health information your doctor gives you, contact us

• If cancer runs in your family and you need to know how to prevent it in yourself, children, and future generations to come, contact us

• If you hesitate or feel fearful asking your doctor questions, contact us

• If want to eat the best foods for cancer patients but don’t know where to start, contact us

• If you do not understand your treatment side effects, or need to know holistic ways to reduce them, contact us

We work with you in-person or remotely to get immediate results. Contact us to see how our dream-team of knowledgeable Scientists, Health Coaches and Pharmacists can help.

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You’ve got questions and we’re here to help cancer patients. Your 20-minute complimentary call with a Cancer Scientist can help you relieve some of your worries. Schedule or call us immediately: +1-678-310-8101.

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Cancer Patients

If you or your family members are overwhelmed by a recent diagnosis, or run-down by the chaos of the healthcare system, get the 7 Action Steps to Take After a Cancer Diagnosis ebook for free. It will put you back in the driver's seat.

Prevent Cancer

Does cancer run in your family? Ready to prevent cancer in yourself and future generations to come? Get the 7 Ways to Conquer and Prevent Cancer ebook for free.

Life After Cancer

Congratulations you've conquered cancer! Keep improving your health outcomes with this 5-Minute De-stress Guide. It's one of the best ways to take control of the fear of a recurrence.

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Watch Dr. Dee Grace present the latest science-backed tips to conquer and prevent cancer.

Start Your Disease Prevention Journey by Adding-In More Greens

One of the best disease prevention foods is leafy green vegetables. Focus on adding more in, rather than taking something away. Over time, you'll notice you won't crave all the 'bad' foods.

Add in more nutrient-rich foods, like leafy greens, which provide iron, vitamins and minerals

Eat lots of cruciferous vegetables (e.g. broccoli). They're some of the most researched anti-cancer foods out there

Buy herbs, or better yet keep an herb garden. These flavorful anti-cancer gems are a must-have prevention food

Watch your cravings for sweet and salty junk foods decrease by eating more greens. It’s worked for us and many clients.

Next, Eat Vibrantly!

Eating every color of the food rainbow helps you get more antioxidants. This is a key part of disease prevention. So start focusing on adding seasonal fruits year-round.

Power up your spring with strawberries, lettuces, spinach and mangoes

Cool off in the summer with cucumbers, blueberries, watermelon and summer squashes

Have a colorful fall with apples, beets, swiss chard and pumpkin

And don’t forget about winter foods like oranges, kale, turnips and radishes

Develop a 'Yoda' Mindset

That pint-sized warrior from Star Wars was all about poise under pressure. Join with the force, the spiritual force that is. Here are some science-backed stress management tips to help you decrease stress and thrive:

Do yoga. Scientists give it an “A+” when it comes to improving the quality of life of cancer patients

Find a mindfulness meditation teacher. Studies show this helped cancer patients cope better with depression.

Feel heart-based joy. Think back to when you were your healthiest, most vibrant self. And hold that thought! You'll soon uncover ways back to that old you.

Keep soothing or inspirational music around you. This is known as music therapy and it works too.

Watch the magic of life, synchronicities, and all that’s good continue to grow around you.

Get a Dose of Spirit Food

The food we eat is just one factor. Your spiritual food is not what you put in your mouth but what feeds your spirit.

Grow and heal relationships. You need these folks to help you on this journey.

Cultivate a spiritual practice. Whether its meditation, prayer, or practicing an attitude of gratitude.

Find work you love.

Get out in nature. Gently exercise. It is truly a tonic for our bodies.

Happy Clients

I love the vast amount of information given on ways to prevent cancer as well as the statistics. My number one take away was to check my vitamin D levels and take supplements if needed.

Tamara Alexandre

Wilmington, DE

I want to personally thank you so much for coming to our church and sharing your time and knowledge with us. I honestly have to say that we have not been able to stop talking about you. You did an awesome job presenting the information. You kept everyone engaged and provided a wealth of information. I am so happy I decided to come to the workshop because it was indeed a blessing. Knowledge is power and you certainly provided a lot of information we did not know.

Christina Taylor

Wilmington, DE

It was truly a pleasure meeting you and I'm so grateful to have been a part of the cancer [prevention] session you taught on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. It's truly a pleasure being able to get educated on what's good for you and what's not. Also to have a Dr come in to inform us of what foods can prevent cancer in African Americans, something that we aren't made aware of. I enjoyed learning that the fruits you should eat more of are in the categories of purple, red & orange. Also if you're a person who eats processed meats, to cut back or try to wean yourself off of them. I had no idea that men's Vitamin D levels need to be checked, which was good to know for my husband who was also in attendance. I enjoyed the fact that although we are taught to cook our greens and cabbage for several hours, that in actuality we should not due to the fact that we are cooking the cancer-fighting nutrients out of the food. So to say the least I learned a lot in this session and it was very helpful.

Leslie Massey

Wilmington, DE