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With our business structure in place, our mission became simple: Ensure our clients get quality health information and the patient-centered healthcare they deserve.
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Meet Dr. Dee Grace

Dee Grace, PhD Cancer Patient Advocate

Hi! I’m Dr. Dee Grace. I’m a wife, daughter, sister, and friend to many. I’m also a Ph.D. Scientist and Cancer Patient Advocate. You see, starting out as a Scientist first, I grew into a Patient Advocate while working in the pharmaceutical industry identifying cutting-edge treatments for liver disease and cancer.

As friends and family were increasingly diagnosed with cancer, I spent hours on the phone with them crying and plotting on the best ways to attack their disease. Then an epiphany occurred; they needed help and could not handle this journey solo. I started going to their doctor’s visits, asking very pointed questions about their treatment plans and prognosis, and scouring the medical journals for ways food, exercise, and de-stressing could enhance their new reality. Some thrived, others didn’t, but it was always a learning process for us both.

If you and I were to “break bread” right now, first of all we wouldn’t’ break bread (lol). I’ll take you to one of my fav farm-to- table restaurants where plant-based foods and natural ingredients are the order of the day. Then we’d get down to business on this thing I’m so passionate about, ensuring you receive quality healthcare and are able to thrive during your cancer journey. I’d introduce you to the Bedside Manners 10-points system on how best to engage your doctor, and ways exercise and nutrition can support you during your cancer journey. How the Pharmacists and Nutritionists on staff are so supportive and how your input into what you what this new chapter of your life to look like is so important in staking your claim on survival.

In lieu of us meeting in person, I came up with this mini-guide 7 Facts on Conquering and Preventing Cancer that will start you on your journey. From there you can review our 4-week Thrive and 12-week Conquer programs. And get to know me on Facebook and Instagram.

Your mini-guide includes:

7 Science-backed ways food and lifestyle can slow down or prevent cancer

A checklist on healthy, clean eating

3 days of recipes

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About Bedside Manners

Bedside Manners is a health advocacy company guiding cancer patients on a different path to conquer cancer. We empower patients like you with a toolkit chock-full of questions to ask your doctor, how to coordinate the details of your healthcare, medication consults, and a 90-day game-plan to “disease proof yourself.” Our mission is to provide relief from the emotional burn-out a recent cancer diagnosis and treatments can bring by taking a holistic path. We find the best science-backed ways to improve your health during cancer treatments and after in hopes of closing the gap on poor health outcomes that many patients experience.