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Natural Ways to Cure Cancer

Bedside Manners / Natural Ways to Cure Cancer

10 Cancer Fighting Vegetables You Need to Eat Every Day

NOTE: Our instant download "7 Natural Cancer Fighting Tips" is a great companion to this article. Everywhere I go I hear genuine concern from people about what appears to be an increasing rate of cancer. Most of the concern centers around why younger people and African American women seem to have higher rates of cancers. In the end, I'm always asked what can be done to combat this. So many factors go into cancer development but growing scientific evidence shows more fruits and vegetables, especially cancer fighting vegetables, are key to preventing cancer. What Are the 10 Cancer-Fighting Vegetables? So what exactly are these vegetables? The 10 vegetables listed below are in the cruciferous vegetable family (pronounced crew-sif-er-us) also known as Brassicaceae, and they cause changes in the body that...

Could Vitamin D Improve Your Prostate Cancer Status?

In a previous post I explained how during a recent doctor’s visit with one of my prostate cancer clients I asked the question if supplementation with Vitamin D could slow the progression of disease. The healthcare provider said it could be helpful in lowering risk of disease, however, there were no human studies that showed it benefited men with low-grade disease on active surveillance. Well, I pulled out my tablet and did a quick search of the medical literature while the doc and patient (my client) continued discussing other topics.  I came across an interesting study, which is discussed below. Do high doses of vitamin D slow progression of prostate cancer? 43 Men diagnosed with low-grade prostate cancer, and on active surveillance, had a biopsy to remove portions...

How a vegan diet slows spread of prostate cancer

Recently I was consulting with a gentleman newly diagnosed with prostate cancer.  While his cancer was diagnosed as “early stage” (doctors put him on “active surveillance”) he wanted more facts on how changing his eating habits could help slow the progression of cancer. When I shared with him data on how a vegan diet can reverse the progression and blood markers for prostate cancer he was intrigued but skeptical.  As most cancer patients are when they hear news like this since these scientific studies are not shared in mainstream news outlets as commonly as that shiny new drug that is the cure for cancer (so we think...

5 Ways Exercise Fights Cancer (Medical Minute #7)

Learn to Love Exercise, It Can Save Your Life I think 99% of us have a love/hate relationship with exercise.  I personally hate it when I take that first step. The gasping for air as I try to find a comfortable breathing pattern, all the while my muscles screaming to me that I should stop takes mental fortitude to overcome. It’s just dreadful the first 2 minutes!  But a minute or two after that, I find the rhythm of my breath and my muscles get used to the pounding.  And 30 min later, I’m on a high and am in love with this thing called exercise. Science has shown that exercise helps prevent and possibly fight cancer. Cancer patients and survivors benefit from frequent exercise. This is something...