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Do these three words “you have cancer” produce butterflies in your stomach? Or are you a cancer survivor that’s feels you can take your health to higher heights to prevent a cancer recurrence? I often get panic attacks after getting call from family member and friends about another diagnosis that’s befallen them. Was I next? Was my supposedly “vegan diet” healthy enough?

For the last 7 years I’ve been researching science-backed ways food can protect against and reverse cancer. Turns out what I thought was a “healthy” vegan diet was just as fake as the sugar-laden foods I was eating. I began uncovering some juicy tid-bits about how a greens-based diet can help prevent cancer. So I’m sharing my best tips on how to Conquer and Disease Proof Yourself Against Cancer here.

With this instant download, you’ll get:

My top 7 facts to Conquer and Disease Proof Yourself Against Cancer

3 days of recipes focused on cancer prevention

Action steps for making healthy habits stick

7 Ways to Conquer & Prevent Cancer

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